Finding comfortable clothing that is also stylish has always been a constant struggle for our founder, Marlina Esperancia De Vransy Dangervil.

Marlina created De Vransy Apparel with the goal of providing style in comfortable clothing. Whether you’re on the go running errands, exercising, traveling, or chilling at home, De Vransy Apparel has a fit for every occasion.

Find Comfort In Your Style.



I’m Marlina, the founder and owner of De Vransy Apparel. I’m a 22-year-old entrepreneur who operates many brands, and as someone who is always on the go, I don’t like wearing clothing that feels like a bra you can’t wait to take off at the end of the day. 

However, more times than not, comfortable clothing items are usually those that you don’t want to be seen in public with. They’re the free t-shirts you get at events and use as pajamas or the sweats that only seem appropriate to wear at home. 

My goal with De Vransy Apparel is to give you that comfort while adding a touch of style. As someone who loves to express herself in a fashionable way, I had to give you access to pieces that will look good no matter how or where you rock them. I want you to be able to go on those morning jogs, attend that important event, run those errands, study for that exam, or do whatever else you need to do in the most stylish and comforting way possible. 

Join the De Vransy Apparel movement and you won’t ever want to hide your fit again. You will look forward to the next opportunity to get dressed and step out. I want you to look AND feel good okay?! See for yourself.



From our clothing to our packaging, our products are made with the finest, ethically sourced materials. Utilizing ethically sourced materials for our products and packaging allows us to stray away from environmental risks.

Our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.


Comfort is of utmost importance at De Vransy Apparel. We believe that comfort is confidence because when we feel comfortable, we feel confident. With the confidence we experience through comfort, we're able to believe in ourselves and our abilities to succeed and fulfill our dreams. Join the #DVAMovement as we supply style in comfortable clothing.


We value confidence in all forms. When we feel comfortable in our skin and in what we're wearing, we feel confident. Our mission at De Vransy Apparel is to supply you with comfortable clothing that makes you feel like you're ready to take on the world as you perform your daily duties. We're here to empower and encourage you as you fulfill your divine purpose through the comfortable clothing that you wear. Our ultimate goal is to unify comfort and style with the mission to amplify your confidence as you take on your day at home or on the go. 


The ability to express ourselves through the clothes we wear is truly a blessing. We love the individuality that fashion exudes and the ways we're able to boldly express ourselves and our beliefs through our style. At De Vransy Apparel, we value creative, stylistic expression.


De Vransy Apparel offers high-quality, eco-friendly clothing that is handcrafted with care. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our clothing is made from the finest, ethically sourced materials for your comfort and style.

Premium Comfort.

With the environments safety and your utmost comfort as our top priority, De Vransy Apparel is designed to keep you warm, confident, and secure throughout the day.  Not having to worry about adjusting your clothes will give you the much needed security and peace you deserve as you seize the day.