De Vransy Apparel is a slow, sustainable, and ethical lifestyle fashion brand that prides itself in using the finest ethically sourced materials for our handmade products and our recycled packaging.


We work hand in hand with a sustainable manufacturer that brings our founder's, Marlina, styles to life.

Our manufacturer is Oeko-Tex certified which ensures that all fabric, accessories, buttons, are tested for harmful substances.

We also use a sustainable printing and dyeing method for our clothing. We don't use harmful inks or chemicals that are damaging to you or the environment.


We collaborate with manufacturers who put ethics and sustainability at the forefront. Our manufacturer provides a safe and ethical working environment for the wonderful women and men who bring our comfy fits to life. Working conditions are ethically controlled with the goal of keeping the safety of our workers in the forefront.

Made To Order

We work on minimizing environmental risks through excess stock and product production by following a made-to-order strategy. Our products are made only when an order has been placed. This allows us to begin the production process only when an order has been received.